Thursday, May 08, 2014

The definitive treatise on Ogwerts

Some time recently, Gabriel invented a new animal called the Ogwert. Often in lieu of a bedtime story, he will want instead to talk about Ogwerts which means I ask him questions and he answers. In this way, I have learned the following:

Ogwerts are like very small frogs. They are green with black spots. They have round circle tails. They live in treetops in the jungle, making nests out of hay. They do not lay eggs, but have their babies live. They wear little swim shoes but no other clothes. They go to church, but not to school. They drive little cars. They also love music - they play drums, flutes, and guitars. They don't speak English or Spanish, but just say "RABBAT" (very loudly). They like to be wet, so they enjoy swimming and taking baths.

The Spanish word for Ogwert is "ogweta" (not, as I mistakenly believed, ogwerta. When I mispronounced it one time Gabriel emphatically told me, "don't wiggle your tongue! Just say the 'T' sound!")

Valerie is not allowed to talk about Ogwerts, apparently only Gabriel knows about them, so she invented a similar animal called an Ofwert. The Spanish word for Ofwert is Olera.

We will keep you updated as further scientific discoveries are made.