Friday, February 29, 2008

"You're not a goalie, you're a sieve!"

Other highlights:

Scott's 100th goal
Greening's hat trick (last CU hat trick was in 2005!) About 30 people threw their hats out on the ice; it was pretty funny but then they told the crowd CU would get a penalty if they kept doing it...

Fun times, fun times.

Thursday, February 28, 2008

Snowy Days

Lovely snow. The cold is not so pleasant!

Terry has been running "webinars" this week; online training courses for people scattered about the globe. Here he is at his "console" - looks like a DJ in this picture!

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

just a little complaining

I feel like I've entered the third trimester 2 weeks early. Slight edema of hands and feet mean that I've taken off all my rings except for my wedding ring. I feel like I've pulled a muscle on the left side of my rib cage, so it hurts to take a deep breath - which is getting harder just in general! The first knuckle on the middle finger of my right hand is swollen and a little sore - is this a sign of carpal tunnel? And it's getting harder to find a comfortable position for sleeping.

Added up, though, it's still a very small price to pay. And I am thankful.

Monday, February 18, 2008

Another beginning

Last night I cast on what is intended to become a poncho (for the baby); it's a pretty simple design. I'm planning to make the stripes according to the Fibonnaci sequence. Lest this make me look totally nerdy (too late!) the reason I'm using it is because the Yarlot said that this sequence is naturally pleasing to the eye :-)

I plan to use a descending and ascending order:
13 rows, then 8, 5, 3, 2, 1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13.

Sunday, February 17, 2008

Seeing "Red"

People often ask me what strange foods I've been craving; at a restaurant the other night I was offered deep-fried pickles with ice cream... strangely unappealing!

I can't say I've had any bona fide cravings as such, but I have had unexpected keen interest in foods that don't normally tickle my palate. To whit:

1) bananas (the best midnight snack ever)
2) orange juice
3) anything red

Ok, that's the weird one. Whereas the fact that I will now stand in the kitchen and eat half a jar of green olives at once is more about my new license to indulge, my response to foods that are red in color is really strange. It has nothing to do with flavor or texture: strawberries, cherries, grape tomatoes, red jello, red velvet cake, red M&Ms, salsa - if I see red I want to eat it. This is only problematic if your husband brings home a bottle of cherry-red dishwashing detergent. I went to wash the dishes and had to consciously resist the urge to drink the detergent...or at least taste just

Now that I've smelled it, though, the urge has definitely passed.

Smell, now smell continues to be a problem. The last two hockey games I went to were an olfactory assault by the third period, with all those warm bodies (mostly still clad in our winter wear since they keep the rink pretty chilled) packed closely together. Bleah. I've ridden a lot of tightly packed buses in tropical countries throughout my life and I think generally I have a pretty high tolerance for strong smells, but this is different. It's kind of fun, though, too :-) Sort of like having a secret super-power. Though if I had my choice, I think I'd prefer the ability to turn invisible at will, or to fly like Superman... telekinesis would be pretty cool too. Too bad those aren't side effects of pregnancy! Nope, just the ability to pick out bad smells at 100 ft and grow my fingernails really fast.

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Happy Valentine's Day!

Since Terry is in Haiti, I bought a V-day present for the Critter:

Monday, February 11, 2008


We spent this past weekend in DC, meeting with the person at World Vision who contracted us for a research project. It was a satisfyingly productive time, although the trip home was a bit not-fun - Terry left for Haiti early Sunday morning, so I was driving back north alone. Can I just say, I hate PA in February? First there was a delay around Harrisburg, where I lost about 45 minutes crawling through clogged traffic; then there was a 4-mile section of 81 that was shut down just south of Hazleton. I'll grant you that the blowing snow along that section did make visibility a little dicey from time to time - evidently there was an accident that they made us detour around. It took about an hour to get around that. Four miles in one hour. Yikes.

But I'm home safe. It's super-cold and I miss Terry, but it will be a busy couple weeks.

I have to show you how nice the place was where we stayed in DC: the Swann House. This was our room - a round turret room on the second floor. Every detail was so nice! And the breakfast buffet was truly memorable.

Well, back to the grindstone!

Thursday, February 07, 2008


So I'm thinking of hiring a doula. There is one thing that I feel very strongly about related to the "birth plan" - I do not want the baby taken away from me right after birth. I do not want the baby put in a nursery. I want the baby to experience human touch for as long as continuously possible after birth. From what I know, in case of a C-section I wouldn't be able to hold the baby right afterwards. I also suspect that post-partum it may be challenging to insist on my wishes. Statistically, doula-supported births are less likely to go to C-section, and a doula would be able to advocate on my behalf in ways that perhaps family members might not be able to.

I know there are many things beyond my control, but this is one thing that I do feel very strongly about.

Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Blue Mitts

I finished the first mitt; all but the button to hold down the shell that flips up to cover the fingers. The second one is all done except for the shell itself. I fiddled with the pattern a little bit to taylor it to the dimensions of my hands; longer in the cuff, and I made the fingers both bigger around and longer.

Tonight I went to see a documentary called "The Business of Being Born," which was fairly thought-provoking. I don't think I've ever been in a room so full of pregnant women. I thought it was cool that one of the people they interviewed was a medical anthropologist :-).

Saturday, February 02, 2008

[Don't] Let Your Babies Grow Up to Play Hockey

Last night I used Terry's season ticket to attend the Cornell-Colgate hockey game (funniest ch/jeer of the evening: "Toothpaste! University! Toothpaste! University!" while pointing to each respective team. Second funniest ch/jeer: "Crest is better!"). It was a thrilling game, 1-1 tie going into overtime, when the winning goal was scored about a minute in. It's such a roller-coaster ride of euphoria and despair, riding the waves of emotion with a very expressive crowd.

The worst moment was when a CU player was hit in the head (I didn't see it, my friend C. says he was elbowed in the neck) and ended up on his knees and elbows on the ice for many long minutes as the medic crouched next to him and his brother, also on the team, stood guard nearby. Pretty scary, especially when you see how physical this game is, the falls and the body slams into the sides, you know it's serious when someone can't get up for a moment.

Eventually he was able to rise and the medic helped him off the ice as everyone applauded in relief.

Watching these games, especially when they're close, the tension is almost unbearable at times - and it's this very thing that has up until now kept me away from sports spectatorship. That, and I feel sorry for people when they get hurt. But being married to a sports FAN has helped me understand the athlete's point of view a little better - the risk of pain is part of the pleasure of the game. And going to hockey games has really helped me understand the addiction of the adrenaline rush. It's cathartic like theater is, only more intense. When I got home last night, I spent several hours online reading statistics on the team and the division, so this morning on the phone with Terry (he's on his way back from VA) we had an actual sports conversation!!!

I was reflecting on this and remembering my mom's advice when we got married: to explore and support each other's interests. She talked about how much it meant to her when my dad bought her a book of romantic poetry one time. I thought about how Terry knows more about knitting now than I'm certain he's ever dreamed he would - he knows what felting is, the difference between straights and circulars, the importance of dpns, and has even on several occasions ventured alone into yarn shops to buy me presents! So as much as hockey-talk is out of character for me, I'm really really enjoying getting into it.

Our friends whom we go to the games with have often expressed amazement at how "mild-mannered Elizabeth" turns into a screaming fan (under what other circumstances is it possibly socially acceptable to scream at someone "Hey [opponent]! DIIIIIEEEEEE!!!! Drop Dead! Go Home!" and enjoy it? Sorry, Colgate - it's nothing personal! Harvard, though - that's another story...) :-)

Also, I was thinking that if our baby turns out to be really into sports, this will help me relate to him/her. Although if s/he decides to play hockey... it's going to be really hard not to worry 24/7 about elbows to the neck.