Thursday, December 19, 2013

Year in Review, more or less

As we draw close to the end of the calendar year, our family has passed the 1-year milestone in Colombia. It's been quite a year. The first year of school for the kids, the first year for Terry and I working in this job, living in Bogotá... a lot has happened. The other day someone mentioned to me something that happened in March and I couldn't believe it has been 8 months, it felt like 2 months ago.

I'd say that overall it's been a good year. A year full of learning. Not, sadly, a year full of blogging... I think I was just too busy.

Highlights of 2013 for our family:

  • Kids starting preschool in February (and finishing their first year last Friday!)
  • Gabriel getting potty trained in April
  • My food revolution in May
  • Albania vacation in July 
  • Valerie losing her first tooth in October
  • My 2 weeks in Guatemala in Oct/Nov - the longest I've been away from the kids

It's hard for me to form an overall mental picture of this past year. It's been an incredibly full one, with so many changes. So I conclude with some recent photos from family outings and home.

 (still not sure where the giant Christmas lizards come into the picture.... but the overall effect was pretty!)