Thursday, September 24, 2009

new first

When I dropped V. off at B's house, no tears! Just a little "mama!" as I walked out the door. The window was open so as I walked away I clearly heard nothing but crickets chirping.


Living with no Regrets said...

Back on Sept 3 you asked how long it will take before Valerie gets used to you leaving her at Bs. It took only 21 days for no wailing, gnashing of teeth - less time than it takes to form a habit.

Definitely an over achiever our LOO.

Obviously I miss her (and you all) if I am re-reading posts on a frequent basis.

E. Phantzi said...

We miss you too!!!

Also, if you calculate that of those 21 days she was only at B's house 3-4 days each week, then it's even less: between 9 and 12 (I'd have to look at my calendar to tell you exactly how many times).