Wednesday, December 30, 2009


Here we are! The Phelps/Jantzi/Lukawitski family. Clockwise from top left: Terry, Grandpa Conrad, David, Anita, Solana, Lotus, Grandma Irma, Valerie, and me.

Note the serene expressions on the men's faces; the strangely contorted looks on the women, and the dazed/confused expressions on the kids. I have a new-found respect for professional photographers who do family portraits! Getting this shot took planning, strategizing, manipulation, split-second timing, and even a few downright white lies. We learned the hard way, after the Christmas Day fiasco with the adorable matching dresses my mom had sewed for the three girls. You'll just have to imagine how completely adorable they would have looked, lined up like little dolls on the couch in front of the tree. What with non-synchronized naps (all three of them), a fever (Solana), and a screaming hissy fit about the sleeves on the dress (Valerie), it was just not in the cards this year. Maybe when they're all old enough to be bribed.


Living with no Regrets said...

Valerie seems to take after her Dad - with regard to not liking certain types of clothing. She is a wise woman, according to her tia who also doesn't like certain clothing.

Happy New Year

Brian H. said...

Hi Elizabeth, Jennifer (gesch) Huseland here. My husband just found you and I am glad to see the pic of your whole family. What a blessing little ones are--albeit difficult, sanctifying, and stressful. If you've been following B's blog, you kind of know what's up with us..are you still in PA? Drop us a line sometime
love, Jenno

LOSER PAUL said...
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