Friday, February 19, 2010

Valentine's Day

I told Terry that I wanted flowers for Valentine's Day (pretty much joking, since I don't really care and I figured he wouldn't remember or get around to it). Sunday morning he came up with this:

"But you said you wanted FLOURS!"

(just for the record, they are corn, wheat, and self-rising). So pleased with himself! It did crack me up :-)


Heather said...

AW, what a cutie! (Cause he IS and for what he did!)

Jodi said...

Funny. Terry's becoming even more of a romantic !:) I can't believe y'all are going to Albania. I wish I could say I'd visit y'all there but I think my research will have me going south instead. I've enjoyed the stories about Valerie--sounds like she has her very own personality (and a little of both of you as well!). My theory about every other generation of family being introverts-extroverts doesn't work. Anyway happy February!

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ben wideman said...

Good ol' uncle T. Hilarious.