Monday, June 28, 2010


We are still on the fence about names... although the poll so far (see sidebar) has a pretty clear front-runner... you can write-in suggestions in the comments as well! I temporarily changed the sidebar background color so you can read the names better.

The thing is, I'm not a huge fan of trendy/popular names, and we'd also like a name that's interesting or somewhat unusual, but not too "weird." It's all very subjective, I know. We like Tobias because it's a family name (Leaman branch), although I really don't like the nickname Toby - negative association from a kid I knew in grade school - and we like Oscar because of Oscar Arias and Oscar Romero - and I like how it sounds in Spanish and English. And we like the nickname "Oz." Although most people are first going to think of Oscar the Grouch.

Boy names are hard.


ben wideman said...

Watch a few episodes of Arrested Development and I'm afraid Tobias will quickly be pushed out your top baby names.

Although maybe you love the show and want to name your child after this quirky character!

E. Phantzi said...

Oh I DO love the show! I forgot his name was Tobias though - although some friends reminded me recently. It's still a top pick among certain influential family members - on both sides!!!

Living with no Regrets said...

I think the name Gabriel Tobias works very well in both spanish and english and gives the family name good recognition. Putting a G name first also avoids the confusion of similar initials between father and son TJ, TJ. I am sure the father in this equation would think that extra cool - just not sure the son would agree in the long run.

tara said...

i like oscar- esp the Oz option. I thought first of the oscars then of romero so the grouch wasn't up there. I like Gabriel and Tobias but Jim's kid is Tobias so that's why I would lean another way- I don't like for kids to have to share a name so I applaud the unusual choices.