Monday, August 23, 2010


A couple things I forgot to include about Valerie:
  • While she's doing her twirling/dancing/running/stomping thing, she admires her own performance with a frequent "Wow!" She must hear us say it a lot... (actually she says "Vow!" It's pretty cute)
  • She is still also enamored of the alphabet, and will recite to herself at random moments. She skips a few letters, but she's also learning the sounds they make as well as their names.
  • It's been really fun lately seeing her expand her playground horizons, going down the big slide by herself, getting on and off the little horsies by herself, etc. It's fun just watching her have fun.
  • We went to the County Fair one morning last week and caught some of the visiting circus - which included a GIRAFFE! It was extremely cool. Valerie: "Aff! Aff! AffEEEE!" She got to feed him a carrot. She also thoroughly enjoyed seeing baby ducks and all kinds of other farm animals.
This past weekend we traveled to Lancaster for a Leaman family reunion, and the previous weekend we went camping (!!!). Both trips went well overall, although we learned that V does a lot better if she's not right next to her brother. We see these as sort of trial runs for the big move coming up in... less than a month!!!

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