Tuesday, September 14, 2010

One week

One more week until we move to Albania...!

I'm pretty excited. It feels like we're really close to ready, thanks to my fabulous sister-in-law who has done the lion's share, along with my mom (when she was here in June/July), of packing up and organizing all our stuff. Pretty much all that's left out yet is the stuff we're actually using, and we've got a group of friends coming over Saturday to help us get all that randomness bundled into the basement.

It's amazing how much STUFF we have.

I think about all the boxes upon boxes of stuff we've hauled downstairs, the truckload that went to Goodwill, the other truckload that went to the dump/recycling, and then I look around the house and think... hm, it doesn't really look all that different - I mean, the walls and bookshelves are bare, but there's still a lot of stuff lying around. It's the stuff we use everyday. Do we really need all the rest of it, then? All the stuff that's packed away now?



jennifer said...

Well thats good that you guys are getting ready to go to Albania when are you leaving? also it would be good if you go to my bloggs and check them out thanks! I still dont have followers yet.

Anita said...

"stuff stuff and more stuff" is what Solana and I say to each other. I do crave that simplicity... You guys are travelling today; I'll be thinking about you!