Tuesday, December 07, 2010

FIVE months!

Gabriel is three - *oops, FIVE* - months old today!
(This is what long-term sleep deprivation will do to your brain...)
  • He has been working very hard recently on mastering the skill of rolling over. He rolls very well from back to tummy, but only one direction (to the left, of course). He has more trouble going from tummy to back for some reason and gets really frustrated when he's stuck in one position.
  • He loves to watch Valerie playing and running around, he's completely fascinated by her. (For her part, she's warming up to him slowly but steadily and will now send me to him when he's crying - "Baby cry, Mama off!" - and offer him kisses on his hands.)
  • He's a big one, already about to burst out of the 6-month size sleepers we have here!
  • His tooth is still just a little white spot on his gum. It seems to bother him intermittently and produces vast amounts of drool.
  • It seems that I need to stay away from bread as well as dairy. I've been off eggs for awhile, too.
  • Consolidated sleep continues to elude us. He's doing better at going to sleep on his own, and is only nursing 2x at night, but he STILL wakes up around 5x every night. His daytime naps are also still very short, like 4-5 naps a day of around 45 minutes to an hour each. He did take two 2-hour naps at the beginning of last week but apparently that was just a tease.
  • He continues to be a healthy, laid-back, charming, smiley baby with wide eyes and an adorable dimple so I'm not complaining too much.
  • Oh, also I should mention that I've been talking to him in Spanish as much as possible. I was inspired by some of the young kids I've met here who've managed to become quite fluent in English without ever leaving Albania, and I thought you know, I'm doing my kids a disservice by not talking to them in Spanish. So they are now being exposed to three languages!
Love you, Little Dude. Now go to sleep. xoxo, Mama


anita said...

Isn't he five months old?????

E. Phantzi said...

oh, right, oop@ Did I say 3??