Saturday, October 29, 2011


She likes to pretend she is skiing or snowboarding on this green thing.
I'm not sure what she was doing here - slalom?

Wow, I didn't mean to let like ten whole days elapse between posts, but Shpresa has been away at a conference all week and my computer time completely evaporated. What little I've been able to carve out has been used for e-mails, mostly... I can keep up on Facebook using the iTouch, but it's hard to actually write anything on the tiny little touch pad. Right now I'm in a strange little bubble that never happens, wherein Gabriel went down for his morning nap before Valerie woke up for the day - I don't know how long it will last but I'll just stop where I am and hit "publish post" when she does wake up. Although I hear Gabriel still babbling in his crib so I don't know, he might need me again in a minute. He was just soooo sleepy!

It's been a good week - so many little stories I'm saving up to tell you - here's the best one, probably: one day we were hanging out by a park bench waiting for a friend to meet up for a morning walk, and I'd put Gabriel down from the Ergo so he could run around a bit. I noticed he had something in his hand, and I went to see what it was - a stick? Nooooooo - a dried up dog turd!!!!! So gross! His hands got a good sanitizing after that I tell you. The same day we were hanging out on the balcony in the afternoon and I noticed him looking contemplative, moving his mouth like he was eating something. I pried open his jaw and fished out a little green beetle! It was about the size of a black-eyed pea, pretty shiny green. I looked at it closely and the legs were still moving! We liberated onto the neighbor's balcony below, I hope it isn't a house-plant pest since she has a lot of potted plants.

That's my boy: playing with dog turds and eating bugs.


My mom passed the citizenship test and will be sworn in as a US citizen next week!


Oops - G calls. Ta...

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