Friday, November 25, 2011

and yet more little bits

The other day I told Valerie she was being selfish. Her response: "NOT A FISH! PANTHER!!!"

Sometimes V will look at the cover of a book she wants to read, press it with a finger and shout "click on it!" and then open it up to read it (well, technically she's not reading, but you know what I mean). Compare this too the fact that in college I was still writing term papers out by hand before typing them up onto an Apple 2g (I think that's what it was, anyway). (Credit to Aaron K for jogging this memory!)

V has three mosquito bites, one on her foot and two on her hand. This is how my kids react to mosquito bites:
(This is an old picture, for illustration purposes)

Where the heck are these mosquitos coming from??? It's almost winter!!! Anyway, she was rubbing at the bites and saying "Mama take it off!" Poor little boo.

This morning we were in the kitchen and Gabriel walked out of our room with a bundle of dirty clothes in his arms, his head thrown back to see around them. He took them all the way to the laundry room down the hall and started stuffing them into the washing machine! Then he attempted to turn the dials and bang on the door (front-loader) to make it start, like I do. Too cute for words.

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