Monday, February 27, 2012


Wow, I'm am way off track for meeting my posting goal for 2012. Time to step it up!

So here is a series of photos from last December that I thought I'd put up just because they are so stinkin' cute. Dot took these and I lightly edited them (cropped and brightened a little).

Terry left yesterday, just over 24 hours ago, on another work trip - this time he'll be gone 12 days (if you count departure and arrival days as whole days). So this morning I was moving around the kitchen in what sometimes feels like an endless feedback loop of picking up toys, washing dishes, and pouring the kids' beverage service when I heard an eruption of belly-laughing from the two of them. I turned around and saw that they were flipping themselves head-first over the back of the short couch onto the long couch and back again - I'd pushed the furniture together at Valerie's request yesterday; it makes a well-cushioned little indoor gym for them to climb and jump on. Around and around they went, just giggling and laughing their heads off every time they went over the top.

Times like that - and the moments pictured above - make every hour of lost sleep worth it.

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