Tuesday, September 04, 2012

Kuq e Zi

Okay, so it's a little over the top but this was one of the kids' favorite music videos on the "traditional" music channel here (I forget what Shqiptars call it, turbo-something). I can't find the lyrics but what I can make out says things like "Albania, my heart, there is no sweeter name," etc. etc. "Kuq e Zi" means "Red and Black" and refers not only to the colors in the flag, but also to a nationalistic movement that seeks to encompass all ethnic Albanians living in the surrounding area. My understanding is that many if not most of the singers in this video are Kosovar.

We've loved living here, learning to know the language, people, culture, and history of this place. I'm sending out a generalized thank-you to all Albania for your hospitality and kindness to us. We'll always carry part of your story in our hearts.

O sa mirë, më qen Shqiptar!

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