Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Travel and More Travel

I spent the first half of this week traveling along the northern coast to Cartagena, with a student group from EMU who spent the semester in Guatemala and the last three weeks with us in Colombia. (Terry and I took a group through this same program in the spring of 2002; things look very different as hosts rather than group leaders...!). Fun detail from the trip: on my way to the airport this morning, the hotel owner picked a bunch of fresh oregano from her patio pot so I could take it home and make a healing soup for my coughing kids. It smells so good!

Next week the whole family is going to Guatemala for a week of MCC country representative meetings. I'm hoping we have a little time to walk around Antigua and shop a little!

The Jantzi Grands are leaving Saturday night after a month of cooking, cleaning, and child care. I'm sure they are looking forward to a little rest! It's been great having them here though.

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