Wednesday, April 01, 2015


The kids are doing well, despite March being a very irregular month - I think Valerie only went to school a total of five days, with all our travel, plus spring break and other days off. Traveling always messes with their eating habits, but Valerie especially enjoys going places - Gabriel is more of a homebody, like me. 

The main place we stayed at in Haiti had a great playground for the kids, and there were seven other kids there. The youngest was just 2 months old, and one girl was 14 - Gabriel had a huge crush on her and wanted to be wherever she was at all times!

It was fun taking them along on some of the site visits in Port au Prince, including this girls' school.

They also enjoyed the hotel there which had a giant checker board (here they are making pretend layer cakes, with bougainvillea for frosting):
and a pool! Valerie is very interested in taking swimming lessons so I just have to figure out when and how to make that happen.

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