Monday, August 24, 2015

Sunday Afternoon

We had a great afternoon yesterday, I was sorry I didn't take the camera along. The kids and I went to the library near Simon Bolivar park, it's a beautiful building with even more beautiful grounds and they love to play outside. It was raining, though, and loads of people took refuge with us indoors, running in with kites held over their heads for umbrellas (August is kite-flying month in Bogotá).

The children's area is equipped with soft sofas and papier-mâché sculptures (trees, knights in armor, etc.) and loads of books. After reading some fun books in Spanish we found a Calvin and Hobbes in English and spent nearly an hour in Calvin's world of imagination.

The rain had stopped, so we bought some snacks to eat outside while watching the fish in the fountain. We ran into a boy from Valerie's school, and his mom! Things like that make a hugantic city seem a little friendlier. Then the kids ran around stomping in puddles and rolling down the wet grassy hills until almost 5:00.

When we got home, Terry had cleaned the whole house and was starting to cook supper. Perfect.

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