Thursday, July 28, 2016

My Aunt

I have been completely at a loss for words ~ my mother's oldest sister passed away on Tuesday (the 2 previous posts were written earlier and scheduled to go up automatically). So I am stealing my sister's words because they are so close to what I was thinking these days: 
Of all my aunts, she reminded me the most of mom, in looks and in her voice.  I always thought they talked alike, and her voice was always so warm and comforting to me as a child, like a second mom.  She was warm and nurturing and kind and generous and loving.  I always loved staying at her house and spending time with my cousins.  She and Tio Jerry had such a loving family.  I will always look up to both of them as role models of parents and people in general.  

My aunt gave herself to service for others; she had so much energy and dynamism. But what I kept thinking about these days was her voice. I can still hear it in my mind and in my heart. 

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