Sunday, October 26, 2008

A good day

This was a couple weeks ago when it was still quite warm out, but I'll let it be representative of the great walk we had this afternoon with T-Dad. V. really likes facing out in the bjorn like this; she fusses if I carry her facing in. She's starting to eat rice cereal but did not like the baked apple I tried out on her last week - not much, anyway. Sweet potato is up next! I worry a bit b/c she seems thin to me - even though she's got those great cheeks and some nice chub on her legs, when I lift her up under the arms I can feel her rib cage and shoulder blades. I'd like her to have a little more padding!

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Rachel said...

It's hard not to worry about their weight. She looks healthy, and adorable to me. It's hard to believe she is on solids already.

LG has plenty of chub, and I can still feel his ribs. I think babies are just built funny.