Wednesday, May 20, 2009


  • New game: Cheerios tiddleywinks! Really and truly, I am not making this up!
  • Says "jish" for "more" or "again"
  • Says "up"
  • Tonight said "droosh" for "nurse" (I think)
  • Says "buh" for "bus"
  • When I said, the other night, "do you know what time it is?" (cue for bedtime) she pointed at her bathtub!
  • Makes "vroom" noise when playing with toy car (that used to belong to Willem)
  • Likes to hug trees
  • Recognizes Grandpa Conrad, and it sounds like she calls him "Baba"
  • Likes watching Granpa C and Mommy kick a half-deflated basketball around the backyard and also likes to try picking the ball up with her little hands!
  • Is outgrowing her shoes
  • Finds her toes
  • Will point to the nose of any stuffed animal or person on cue ("Where's Grandma's nose?" e.g.)
  • Waves her hand when she wants me to sing the song that goes with whatever book we're looking at
  • Likes watching the numbers count down on the microwave
  • When we get to the Humpty Dumpty page in her new Mother Goose book, she turns it around so he's right side up instead of upside down!
  • Points to the puck on every page of her "Z is for Zamboni" hockey alphabet book
  • Does the hand motions for "zoom zoom zoom" (game from library)
  • Will lean into the tissue to have her nose wiped

My big little girl!


Anita said...

That's so cute! You don't know how great it is that you actually WRITE THIS STUFF DOWN! The moments are so precious and so fleeting. I like the humpty dumpty one!

Rachel said...

Isn't it neat seeing how their brains soak everying up? You will be surprised a month from now how much more she knows.

tara said...

willem likes to lick trees... not sure if this is part of the open-mouthed-bite-kiss that is his standard kiss or if it's related to the 'fruits & veg' are icky but sand & dirt are TASTY!

Living with no Regrets said...

You missed my favorite of LOO attempting to pull you up from the floor when she wanted to nurse. Glad I was there for some of the others!