Saturday, May 02, 2009

In Ithaca

We're back in Ithaca! Tired, sleepy, ready to go to bed. Not even 9 p.m. Happy that we got Valerie to sleep within spitting distance of her actual bedtime. She did really well on the drive, although she did NOT SLEEP like I thought/hoped she would... I deliberately planned the trip so we'd cover both her nap times and she could sleep in the car. Well, those days seem to be over. She didn't take her first nap until noon (normal time is 9 a.m.) and she only slept 40 minutes or so (normal is at least 1 hour). She was obviously tired, kept wanting to nurse, but wouldn't quite drift off... In the afternoon, she and I were both so tired that Terry stopped the car at a nice rest area and napped her in an armchair while I rested in the car. That lasted about an hour. Normal would be around 2 hours. But she was only really cranky for the last leg after the second nap, about an hour and a half. Even then she was pretty easy to entertain with an inflated globe (the new favorite toy) and peek-a-boo. Too bad Mom got bored long before she did...!

Terry and I were reminiscing about all the traveling our parents did with us when we were little. We have a new-found admiration for how they managed it all!


Anita said...

And they are still traveling... (the parents)

tara said...

glad you made it to ithaca :) the travel wears me out too