Monday, June 08, 2009

what a week Valerie had

  1. 5/31/09: moved back to the Burg from Ithaca
  2. 6/1/09: 12-month checkup with shots
  3. Subsequently: fever from vaccinations
  4. 6/3/09: developed rash after eating acai berries in baby food
  5. 6/4/09: flew to Dallas (after Dr. inspection and approval, with Benadryl)
  6. 6/5/09: still rashy and itchy
  7. 6/6/09: my college room-mate's wedding! (Rash all gone)
  8. 6/7/09: few back to VA

1 comment:

Rachel said...

What a week! How did flying go?

Glad you know what caused the rash, hopefully that will be her only food allergy.