Wednesday, July 15, 2009

14 months old today!

And what a day it was ...

Actually it was a pretty normal day, up until bedtime.

V. woke up around 5 with a poopy diaper, didn't go back to sleep despite Terry's most soothing efforts. He brought her to me a little before 6. We nursed, played, had breakfast (egg yolks, blueberries, and bread for her) and then went to the playground for about an hour until naptime.

On the walk back we stopped to watch the neighbors tearing shingles off their roof, to admire another neighbor's wind chimes, to smell the flowers, and to look for bees in our coneflowers. Also to pick and eat a cherry tomato ripe from the vine. *happy sigh*... summer!

While V. napped, I dug a splinter out of my heel and then took a nap myself!

After naps, we dropped her off at Grandma Dot's and then ran around trying to do a zillion things on the to-do list. Mine all got done! Plus I packed for our upcoming trip to Lancaster for the Jantzi family reunion. Side note: I have found that I am a MUCH better mom (more patient, understanding, kind, and happy) when I have a few hours to myself in the middle of the day. It makes a huge difference later during the 4-7 p.m. lead-up to bedtime.

Picked up Val, came home, fed her supper (sweet potato, spinach, cheese, bread, mandarin orange slices), played some more, then moved into bedtime mode. That was all pretty much routine until I tried to lay her in her crib - she popped right up again, crying. I went through the usual routine we have to soothe her back down again (letting cry for short periods of time, checking in at 1 minute, 3 minutes, 5, 7, etc.) but in the middle of the 3-minute period she made gagging noises... I went in and she was throwing up.

Oh dear.

Terry cleaned up the crib and floor while I put her in the bath again, where she asked to have her teeth brushed again (I would have too!) and played happily for a good 15 minutes. Just as we went to lift her out - she pooped in the tub! Fortunately we're still using the baby tub and could dump the dirty water straight into the toilet. Terry did that (clean-up guy again!) while I wiped, dried, diapered, and dressed her again for bed.

She finally fell asleep at around 9:45.

I had been planning to go to bed early tonight...


Rachel said...

I hope she is feeling better today!

Anita said...

Kids are messy, oh yes they are. I didn't know she was walking! You have a toddler! Her hair is so long and thick (like her mama).