Tuesday, July 14, 2009

365th Post

Valerie has taken a few more unassisted steps, but mostly she likes to walk around while hanging onto someone's hands. We've been going to the park playground every morning around 8, and that's been a lot of fun - we swing, we go down the slide, we play "uh-oh" (throw stuff off the picnic table and then peer through the cracks while Mom picks it up), we look at birds and grass and trees and flowers and bees. She loves watching bees - she points to the flowers and goes "Bvvvvvvvv!"

Other new words:
"ow" = owl (mural on the side of our shed)
"Ayish" = Alex (the boy next door)
"esh" = eggs (favorite food)
"babbo" = bubbles
"da-ee" = daddy
"mama" = yours truly

I think "bvvvv" counts as a word, too!

edited to add:
"edz" = edge (usually in reference to stairs)
"jish" = this

I also have to add that she used to call the green tomatoes in our garden "eggs," but now has been calling them "owl" - I think she got confused because the mural is right next to the garden, and I would point out the owl whenever we went past it towards the tomatoes. She loooves to eat the little cherry tomatoes the minute they get ripe enough!

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