Friday, January 07, 2011

Six Months!

(Hi Aunt Cathie! Look what came in our shipment!!) :-)

Gabriel is 6 months old today!

I have to say, I LOVE this age. I love how squishy and soft Gabriel is, how cuddly and happy. His bright eyes are big and round, taking in everything. He LOVES to watch Valerie running around doing things, and will sometimes fuss when he can't see her! Shpresa commented today that when he learns to walk, she'd better look out! He's going to be after her pulling her long hair! A couple evenings ago the three of us were on Valerie's bed playing "book house" and I tickled her feet; her giggle prompted Gabriel to absolutely shriek with delighted laughter, which prompted me to do everything I could to make Valerie laugh again, just to hear him! It was a perfect moment.

He's rolling over well, and starting to show interest in sitting up. He loves to eat and will grab the spoon with both hands and gnaw on it while I'm feeding him. His first couple "meals," he would fuss and squawk whenever we slowed down the shoveling of the rice cereal into his mouth! (Not that he eats very much - but he really does seem to enjoy it.) He perks up when I put him in the car seat (we have no high chair) to feed him and he hears the spoon clinking against the cup as I mix up the rice cereal.

Despite his gregarious nature, he is also showing a strong preference for Mama, which while flattering can be a little inconvenient! But it's developmentally appropriate too. This is when separation anxiety starts to kick in.

His second tooth came in yesterday; he was fussy and feverish and didn't nap very well. He's been drooling and biting things for two months now, so I'm glad that we finally have some kind of resolution there.

Next week we'll go in for a weigh-in and well child visit and find out how much this bruiser has grown in two months!


BigP's Heather said...

He is so adorable and those quilts are gorgeous!!

Rachel said...

He is so cute, like a Pamper's baby. I love how Val says his name too, that is sweet.