Monday, January 10, 2011

Turkish Coffee

Today I received instructions on how to make turkish coffee; it's a very popular drink here. The coffee is ground very, very fine and prepared in a long-handled pot that holds enough for two-four espresso-sized servings. I've often seen women walking across the street balancing a tray bearing several tiny cups and saucers, or just carrying the long-handled pot down to another shop for someone.

On Christmas weekend, I was walking through Parku Rinia and saw a middle-aged man relaxing on a bench with a bathroom scales at his feet. You can find these in all the parks, and pay a few coins to find out your weight. A stout woman with graying hair was next to him, pouring their afternoon coffee into little cups. She had a small cushion to sit on, a tablecloth to go under the tray, and maybe I imagined the little plate with cake on it but regardless it was a lovely little scene of domesticity on a sunny afternoon.

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