Sunday, April 15, 2012

funny kids

On the go!

Can you tell what the play activity is here? (hint: steering wheel)

I rarely wear makeup, so when Valerie saw an ad on TV for beauty products she identified it all as "medicine" - what she calls chapstick. I said the lady is putting makeup on her eyes and fixing her hair to look beautiful. Then V was playing with crayons, saying "Mama put makeup on your [Valerie's] eyes, fix your hair," and then she said "Pooh was so, so sick, now Pooh is all better!"

Gabe got in on the act too, with a red marker - put it all over his face - then put red "lipstick" on all the animal posters we had made and taped above the couch. His aim was not bad! Even the letter "c" on the alphabet poster got the lipstick treatment.

We've been having a rainy spring, so between that and broken strollers haven't been going out much. We got some learn-to-read and preschool math apps on the iPad... which may have been a mistake; it's a challenge to enforce time limits for V, and G is sad he's not allowed to play with it.

I also found a big bouncy ball at a thrift store I recently discovered (gold mine! LOVE IT!) just up the street - the kind of ball with a handle, that kids sit on and bounce. G is too little to sit on it so he just kicks it.

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