Friday, April 20, 2012

More kid stuff

Here's a little video to take you into the weekend. They are imitating a guy we saw on a video who goes, "Rock, Paper, Scissors, Go!" And then does a silly little arm-pump saying "I won!" I think they are adorable.

More funny little stories:

We watched a youtube video based on "Hickory Dickory Dock" in which a parade of small animals all take turns going up and down the clock as it strikes one, then two, then three, etc. But when it got to six, an Elephant went up the clock - and crushed it with his great weight. Valerie was so involved in the video that when the clock collapsed - she started crying! And then of course Gabriel had to join in too because he does everything big sister does. For day after that she's been telling me she doesn't want to see the elephant go up the clock. And seeking reassurance that we will not allow any elephants to go up our clock at home.

But Gabriel had a different response - he'll look at me, make his elephant noise, then go "tick tock, tick tock," wanting me to re-tell the story. Then one morning he found a little toy elephant doll that Terry brought back from Cambodia last year. He looked around, picked up a full pack of disposable diapers, leaned it against the wall on one end, and then marched the little elephant up the side going "tick tock, tick tock" and then CRASH! Sometimes he'll end these re-tellings by saying "Pooh, Pooh," and pretending to cry. He's very attuned to her.

It's been pooooouring rain this week and last. We've made it out a few times between showers but it hasn't been a great month for going outdoors. I'm growing some cilantro on the balcony, which is so fun to see the little leaves poking up out of the earth. The two seedlings that I put in next to our bean plant (remember, Mom? From January?) are doing the best.

One day I bought some scrub brushes for the house, and they were instant hits - each kid grabbed one, got down on hands and knees, and diligently started dry-scrubbing the floor. For a day, the brushes went with them EVERYWHERE - even to bed that night. I am so not exaggerating. Again - why do we buy toys...?

There are so many micro-moments, things they say and do. I keep thinking "I have to remember that for the blog" and then I sit down here, and it's gone already. Gabriel is getting so big! I see my baby vanishing and I feel a little sad. But the little boy who has come to live with us is so charming and fun, it makes up for it :-)

Valerie challenges us with her almost-4-year-old drama - but then she'll wrap her arms tight around my neck, her legs around my waist, and it's all worth it too. She's been learning more and more sight words, and starting on some basic math with an app we got for the iPad. Fun little games for adding and subtracting. She LOVES the Dr. Seuss book I ordered - but didn't give the Dick and Jane more than a passing glance! Oh well, good to know! She can't read more than a word or two on each page of the Seuss book but I've noticed she's started playing with rhymes - rattling off rhyming words in long strings (mostly made-up words, but it's she's showing that she understands the pattern concept).

More photos soon once I get around to downloading them. Have a great weekend!

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