Tuesday, November 13, 2012

New Home

Here are some photos of our apartment. It's very much a work in progress... I didn't include photos of the bedrooms because the level of chaos is just unreal. 

The door you see is the front door we come in. Opposite this door, on the other side of the wall you see by the table, is the big bedroom. Just behind those hat trees is the small bedroom which we are only using for storage right now (we inherited a lot of MCC detritus...)

To the right of the dining room table is the kitchen/laundry area (you can see the top of one of the dining room chairs there at the bottom left). Clothes take forever to dry inside; smaller, more frequent loads seem to be the thing to do.

To the right of the laundry area, on the other side of a dividing wall, is a little nook where we put this couch. The view out this window is actually prettier than what you see here - you can look down into the patio garden, and to the right you see the trees from the small park and the University grounds nearby. The kids LOVE playing in this little nook.

Opposite the nook is this small fireplace, and a painting we inherited from someone. (The butterfly wings were acquired in the States and have spawned a really fun series of bedtime stories about Caterpillar and Butterfly and their adventures in the garden. Opportunity to insert morality tales about sharing and taking turns!!!)

 Wider angle view - another play area (imagine that!) The two doors you see there are both bathroom doors - why we have two adjacent bathrooms, I do not know. But it works. One or the other is always running out of toilet paper. 

Like I said, I've been impressed by how well the kids have been doing (so far). They are very much looking forward to visits from their grandparents, though!

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