Tuesday, November 13, 2012


So I'm in San Francisco! The past two weeks in Bogota have been a bit of a blur - days packed with meetings, traveling to and from the office, applying for our ID cards (oh bureaucracy...), spending time with the kids. We also had a four-day retreat with the entire MCC Colombia team, partly at the office and partly at a LOVELY little village just outside the city, so we were out of contact for a good chunk of time there.

And I can't find the cord to upload photos from my camera to my laptop... I did take some pictures on the iPod Touch that I can post here so will do more of that later today (now that I'm connected to free wireless at the hotel here!)

I'm in SF for a six-day Anthropology conference; I'll be re-connecting with grad school friends, attending talks and panels on topics related to my research, hopefully getting some sleep and maybe even some writing time. And updating my poor neglected blog! Beginning with this picture, of our kids hanging out at home:

More soon.

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