Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Retiro en la Costa - Retreat on the Coast

We just got back from our team retreat on the Caribbean Coast - so nice! Hot, but nice. (In unrelated news, I just got my birthday camera - thanks Dad! This is almost the last batch of photos with that ugly black corner.) We flew 1 hour to Monteria, then took a van about 2 hours to CoveƱas. These kids are getting to be very seasoned travelers!

It was kind of nice that Valerie insisted on wearing long sleeves, long pants, and socks the whole time, as that helped limit her sun and mosquito exposure. Nonetheless, she got 17 mosquito bites on one hand alone (not to mention 7 on her face and several on the other hand).

It was very hot. The hotel pool was so nice. We had a mix of work, relaxation, and worship (on Palm Sunday).

Monday was a quiet day spent re-acclimating to Bogota (Valerie said "I'm so happy to be back in Colombia!") and receiving the Jantzi grandparents, who arrived here a few hours after we did Sunday night!

Unfortunately Valerie woke up sick today and has been throwing up and shivering. Right now she is sleeping, thankfully. Gabriel is fine, full of energy, and Terry has gone to the office to do a little work while the grandparents putter around helping me do small tasks at the house. I'm so glad it's holy week so we can rest up a bit.

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