Friday, March 15, 2013


A lot has happened since I last posted! I keep hoping that I will get back into the swing of things here on my blog, but somehow it's not happening. I'm glad to know though that people are still reading :-)

A few updates:

  • Terry went to Afghanistan for 2 weeks, to do a training for World Vision. Although he was gone for 16 days, he was only in-country for 10 days because the trip is so long! He brought back lots of fascinating stories and photos, and a beautiful hand-woven rug he bought from a women's cooperative. I'll post some photos ans stories once I get that organized and cleared for public consumption.
  • Meanwhile, at home in Colombia, Gabriel learned to use the potty!!!!! We had tried about a month ago during a long weekend, but he just wasn't cooperative. Then the aide at his preschool asked me to bring her some extra pants and underwear because she thought he was willing to try, based on how he watched the other boys go. Luz, our afternoon babysitter, was really excited about this and jumped on board quickly in support of the process. By day 3 I was coming home in the evening to find him in the same dry pants and underwear I'd dressed him in the morning! There are still accidents, and he's still wearing a diaper at night, but I'm very proud of our little dude for mastering this skill, and grateful to our child care providers for taking the initiative to work with him and actually do most of the work for me!
  • I turned FORTY. Happily, Terry was back in time for my birthday. Unhappily, I got sick that day with an evil sore throat that felt like knives every time I swallowed. I took a sick day on Wednesday, and today I feel pretty good. My energy is back just in time for some friends from work and church to take me out!
  • We also hosted our first "learning tour" delegation, a group of Mennonite Brethren pastors seeking to connect with and learn from Colombian MBs about how their faith shapes their responses to the armed conflict in this country. You can find their reflections here.

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Pam Martin said...

Keep blogging! I'm still reading!! :-) I try to check it at least every couple of weeks. I love hearing what is going on with you all. Blessings! Pam