Friday, March 06, 2015


View from our kitchen window in the morning
This is by far the biggest city we have ever lived in. I felt after returning from the US, though, that it's starting to grow on me.

Parque Simon Bolivar

There are some truly beautiful places in the city, and it is possible to connect to the cycles of nature even here.

View from our kitchen window after dark
At the same time, it's a really big, dirty city. Even the pigeons are unappealing to me and I really don't understand why people feed them...

Central plaza 
There is so much air pollution and traffic. But there are also sunsets and rainbows.

View of Monserrate from our neighborhood
There are parks with playgrounds everywhere (although you have to be careful of all the broken glass left behind by drunken university students, and dog poop).

Local park
The one place in this city that I feel all warm and fuzzy about is our office.

Flower blooming outside our office
Every big procession, parade, or protest goes by here.

Soccer parade outside our office
Regardless of Terry's and my mixed feelings about "Bog," the kids love it here and tell us from time to time that they plan to live here forever. They were beside themselves with happiness to be back after our time in the States (which they also enjoyed a lot). From their perspective, it's home.

Parque de los novios - boats for rent!

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