Monday, March 16, 2015


These aren't really the best quality photos but I was just thinking about how glad and thankful I am for how our kids are learning to play together. They really only fight if they are tired, hungry, or thirsty. Otherwise they just love to play for long periods of time imagining worlds together - worlds of pirates and fairies, heroes and villains, rescue pups and other fantastical creatures.

Giant ice cream with a cherry on top
Gabriel loves to "direct" the drama, while Valerie either goes along, adds her own layers to the story, or contests his pronouncements. It's really fascinating to listen to them negotiate their different ideas about what should go down.

Hugs at church in the US
I remember at some point in high school or college, I realized that my sister and I shared a unique perspective - nobody else in my world experienced all the same places that I had, from a child's point of view. I can see the same dynamic developing with Valerie and Gabriel. It will be a lifelong treasure.

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