Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Mixed Bag

Someone told me today that she uses PowerPoint to create photo invitations; just add a picture, add a text box, and then take a screen shot of the image. Voila! It is super and easy and I had so much fun making a couple of invitations that I wanted to make more. But in the absence of any more events to invite people to, I just played a bit with some images and words. 

Our internet slowed way down just now because everyone is watching Colombia play Ecuador (some kind of big deal soccer/fĂștbol match, don't ask me).

But I think these photos loaded ok. Aren't they fun? I'm feeling like I need more outlets for creativity in my life. I'm stuck though. So it comes out in some playful and slightly random ways, which is fine.


I've also read some interesting stuff in the past couple of days, and after reading a friend's personal "roundup" of good reads, thought I would like a couple here. There's no theme in particular.

Here's a book I'd really like to read, I think, if I read books anymore... on the anthropology of bureaucracy. Well, I do read, but mostly fantasy novels. This is a little heavier. I have a shelf full of books like this one though that I haven't even cracked open.

And here is a really inspiring post about listening to your critics. Honestly I am floored by the way this woman responded out of her hurt feelings, taking a step back and then taking time to listen to the people who were being mean to her, trying to hear where they were coming from, which was usually a place of pain themselves. It takes a lot of courage and strength to do what she did - instead of getting defensive. I find it so difficult to listen to negative feedback. It's something I would really like to get better at.


What else? Well, we celebrated Easter! The kids and I decorated eggs by coloring them with crayons while the boiled eggs were still really hot. It didn't really turn out like the pictures (Pinterest fail, anyone?) but it was fun. They were SOOOO excited about hiding them for Terry and I to find on Easter morning :-) Role reversal!

I was surprised, though, how little attention Easter got at the church we are attending. I'm wondering if that's a reaction to all the pageantry associated with the Catholic celebrations. I really loved the Easter celebrations at the Episcopal church I attended during college, it was an amazing way to connect emotionally to the joy of the Resurrection.

So we didn't go to a sunrise service (we get up at sunrise every day though, thanks to Gabriel our early bird), or buy the kids new clothes to wear to church, or take a beautiful family picture. Honestly I felt a little like a failure, except that on our way out the door Terry said "look! The kids are clean and combed and dressed and we're leaving on time!" I guess success is in how you measure it.

But this is my all-time favorite Easter photo of Valerie (2009), and it will never be surpassed:

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