Thursday, April 14, 2016

I like food, and reading

I'm making one of my favorite zone-friendly and paleo-friendy meals for supper:
> pre-cook some chicken
> in a pan, heat olive oil and add sliced carrots and chopped ginger root
> throw in some almonds if you want
> as the carrots cook, add pieces of chicken
> add crushed garlic to taste
> and a squirt of honey
(if you are following the Zone, measure everything to balance your carbs, proteins, and fats)

Gabriel is zooming into reading! He is fascinated by the whole process. And very judgmental about English inconsistencies in spelling. Why is "tree" spelled with a "t" when it CLEARLY begins with the "ch" sound??

On the way to school we often play "I spy... something that begins with..." and so he gets annoyed by the idea that tree, train, and truck all start with "t."

But he loves sounding out the written word. Spanish is so straightforward compared to English spelling. He also likes to spell things out orally, e.g. "Mom, I k-n-o-w!" or "give it to M - E!"

It's pretty exciting to see him learning so fast.

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