Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Kid Stuff

A restaurant we enjoy going to here is Archie's, where they usually have a kids' activity as well as the option for the kids to prepare their own pizzas. 

Val was NOT  fan of putting flour on her face, but they have the kids do this because it's cute. They did enjoy shaping the dough and spreading the toppings on.

In a very different vein, during Holy Week we spent a few days in Boyac√° where our accountant, Elizabeth C., lives. We all walked down to her family's farmland with some small cousins. I don't have photos of the best part - the kids had a blast throwing stones into a pretty little stream running through the property. Terry and I often say we wish we could live out there!

And one last photo update - from the Lego Festival in February. Everything is Awesome!

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