Tuesday, September 16, 2008

a day late and a dollar short

Little V. was four months old... yesterday!!!

No new milestones to report, but I feel like we're on the verge. She likes to say "AaaaAAAaa" and "Urgle," clasps her hands together, and will bring objects to her mouth when placed in her hand. We've had to lengthen the Bjorn, so we know she's getting longer. And chubby! She rolls to one side but doesn't roll over all the way yet. I think I heard her laugh one time in her sleep... but I wasn't completely awake myself, so can't be certain.

As for school and all that, we're coping. Two nights ago she slept seven hours straight... heaven! I felt so rested the next day! Last night, however, was another story altogether. I feel as sleep-deprived now as I did during finals week as an undergrad. Not good. Hopefully tonight will go better.


Mrs. Spit said...

Awww. And where are the pictures mum?

Elizabeth said...

indeed! still on my camera...