Saturday, September 06, 2008

kind of impressed with myself...for the moment

This morning I found myself simultaneously:
1) pumping milk (plugged ducts - arg!)
2) eating oatmeal
3) listening to "Wait Wait Don't Tell Me" (the NPR news quiz, very funny)
4) reading e-mails

And then, while Terry held the baby, I made an origami mobile to hang over her bassinet.

(Granted, the paper had already been folded; all I did was thread them on string and hang them from the ceiling with thumbtacks.)

Terry thinks that all mothers should automatically grow two more pairs of arms - about 20 feet long and retractable, like the Octopus bad guy on Spiderman - when they have a baby. I tell him HE is my extra set of arms!

A good day... so far.


Rachel said...

I love that show! M and I listen to Car Talk then the news quiz almost every Saturday.

tara said...

that is too funny. yea, this week i found myself snacking, pumping, entering grades and skyping at the same time. i had the pump bottle propped on the desk so that i could have both hands free. today i made bread in my kitchen aid mixer while holding willem on my hip bc he thinks the mixer is THE coolest thing ever.