Friday, March 20, 2009

Not much to say

I've been kind of taking it easy this week, recovering from last week. It wasn't so much the exam itself as combining exam time with Terry doing a midnight webinar all week. We both were recovering this week. Fine time for Val to start with the night waking again. Teething? Too much mommy coming in to soothe her at night? Hunger? Who knows. Last night she did manage a 5-hour stretch at least. But the night before it was every hour. And the night before that, it included a 1.5-hour stretch of wakefulness. Neither feeding her nor putting orajel on her gums prevented continued waking. Not sure what our next steps will be.

I think she's been saying "baw" for ball! Most of the time she just whispers it, when she sees me kick or throw a ball, she'll go "baw - baw - baw."

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Rachel said...

Once LG started sleeping through the night, he did it for a few weeks, and then started waking again for a week or two. I think it is probably a normal thing to do, but I hope it doesn't last too long for your sake.