Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Eleven Months Old!

Valerie! You are eleven months old today! I measured you a few days ago and you are 29 inches long. You have grown more than 10 inches since you were born, and you probably weigh around 20 lbs. - almost 15 lbs more than when you were born (holy cow!).
These days, you are really into books. You pull them off the bookshelf a handful at a time until you see the one you want, then sit down to read it. You not only turn the pages in the correct direction, but you have recently figured out which way is right side up - and you consistently rotate the book you are reading so it is the right way up. Your favorites right now are all the Dr. Seuss books, the Priddy books (which I usually "read" to you in Spanish), anything that has pictures of babies, and just recently Hug, which was a gift from Tia Rosanne. A few months ago you suddenly developed an intense interest in Pat the Bunny (a gift from your great-aunt Cathie), which has now been loved to death:
You have figured out how to crawl up and (gulp!) down steps, and cruise regularly around the furniture. Occasionally you'll stand unsupported for a few seconds, but only if you're not thinking about it. You continue to eat a variety of foods with enthusiasm (although yoghurt was an epic FAIL), nurse well, and sleep.... a bit better.

Here you are, then and now:

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