Friday, April 17, 2009

Remembering Last Year

This weekend last year, I had just moved back into my apartment after 3 weeks of bathroom renovation. Terry was about to get back from a teaching trip to Belize. I was 33 weeks along and getting really excited, thinking about how soon we might meet our baby - turned out it was sooner than I even expected! But not a moment too soon.

I never blogged about the actual series of events that led to my 3-week hospital bedrest, mostly because I had been giving family and friends e-mail and phone updates along the way. But then I started putting updates on the blog because there were just too many concerned people out there to keep them all updated individually.

Here is what I wrote on Monday, April 21, to the women who were planning my baby shower for the following weekend in Harrisonburg (I also went back and inserted it as a post in last year's archive):

So we're having a little (too much) excitement here - Friday night my feet were so swollen, that I decided to check my blood pressure. We bought a little home monitor back in December but I haven't really been using it since bp seemed to be back to normal during the whole second trimester. Well, it read really high again - around 160/110. They had told me that over 90 was cause for concern. So I took the day off on Saturday and just kept my feet up and drank a lot of water. Sunday Terry got back from Belize, and we went to a childbirth class. But still the blood pressure stayed high and the low-grade headache I'd had all weekend got really bad Sunday night. So this morning I called the ob/gyn, and they had me come in for b/p check and urine test. Even though the urine test was negative for protein, the b/p was still really high - 150/100. They recommended keeping me at the hospital overnight for 24 hours monitoring, and Terry thought that was a good idea so here I am! Thankfully they have wireless.

The good news is that the baby is doing great - they monitored the heartbeat for a couple hours, and also did an ultrasound so we could see all the parts again - it was cool because Terry hadn't seen any of the previous ones. It's growing right on track, moving vigorously, and seems not at all stressed out. Also, by 2 p.m. my blood pressure had dropped to something like 120/84, which is much much better. But I'm to stay here until tomorrow morning while they collect all my urine to check for enzymes.

I guess there has been a lot going on recently; the end of the semester always stresses me out, plus the remodeling of our bathroom has disrupted our routine and made kind of a mess in the apartment. Add to that all the baby things that are piling up, unassembled and chaotic - it's like a constant reminder of how much our lives are going to change, but without the feeling of preparedness, because it's all just a jumble. And I was worrying about Terry and all the travel and work he has going on. So maybe I just needed a "Time Out." Hopefully all is well and I can resume a regular schedule by Wednesday. They'll decide by tomorrow noon-ish. I really really hope I can come but will keep you posted either way. Take care, and big hugs from me - EEP

Brace yourself for lots more reminiscing in the four weeks to come until Valerie's first birthday...!

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