Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Time Capsule

I'm planning to make a time capsule of Valerie's first year, for her to open when she turns 11. At that point she can add things to it, and we can close it up until she turns 21. It sounds fun to me anyway!

Here are some things I am thinking about including - please send me your suggestions!
- the little pink hat and socks I knit for her while I was in the hospital
- her cord stump (yes, we still have it!)
- a lock of her hair
- the Pat the Bunny book she has chewed up and otherwise loved to death
- the little shirt she wore home from the hospital
- a little bell she used to play with until the enamel started chipping off
- the Ithaca Journal from her birthday
- an Obama button I have
- a letter from me
- letters from anybody else who wants to (Grandmas?) :-)
- birth announcement from Ithaca Journal, also in church bulletin
- congratulations cards

What else? What else?


Anita Lukawitski said...

Look at your favorite photos and save things in the pictures. When I look at Solana's baby pics and videos, I'm always saying, "I remember that blanket/shirt/toy! I wonder what happened to it?" Just an idea. The things in the photos are the things you will be reminded of and feel nostalgic about.

tara said...

what a great idea- why didn't you have it for me 5 months ago! :)

no suggestions though-

WiseGuy said...

Hey there Elizabeth....thanks for the comment on my blog...I am going to try out Bunny Chow whenever the opportunity presents itself. : )

No, I have not read that particular post by Natalie, I have to go check that out as well.

Love the quotes that are present on your sidebar - "I have a friend who says he got into Anthropology because of the infinite capacity for self-loathing"...ha ha ha!!!

Valerie is beautiful...I enjoyed watching her Easter pictures...the oh-so-pink everything and the daffodils in the background...wonderful!!

I think you mostly have everything covered for the time capsule....would you add prinouts of the blog posts pertaining to her conception and post-pregnancy, and uptil her birth as well?

I saw that you are going to add all the congratulatory greeting cards to it....you could have a handmade card specially signed and prepared for when she is 11 years old....that would be valuable...include V's grandparents, and your close friends....