Thursday, March 18, 2010

1 lb 1 oz

Yesterday we had our big anatomy ultrasound. I was happy that Terry was able to come with me since he missed all but one of the scans for Valerie. He marveled at the amount of research time and dollars invested in the development of this technology - it really is something else.

Everything looks good; they estimate the baby's weight at 1 lb. 1 oz. which is right on track for this point in the pregnancy. They measured the head, arms, legs, looked at the heart, kidneys, spine, and confirmed that yes, we ARE expecting a BOY! Terry was convinced that he counted seven toes but the tech and I only saw 5 per foot :-). His head is up behind my belly button and feet are moving all around, up by his head, then down kicking my bladder. We got a nice profile shot that shows a very recognizable Jantzi profile - a miniature Terry, just like Valerie (I know people say she looks more like me, but the profile is all Dad!).

Yesterday we also had the fun of seeing some old friends from Bolivia days and catching up on all the MCC Bolivia alum news (from the '90s anyway). Their youngest daughter is checking out EMU for college next year. Terry remembers when she was a 2-year-old who fell asleep on his lap on a road trip and then peed on him :-). A little forerunner of his future as a dad!

Today we're going to sign the papers to refinance our house so that we can charge a reasonable rent while we're gone and still cover the mortgage. Then in the afternoon I'll be interpreting for parent-teacher conferences at the local elementary school. I hope I still remember how to do that!

It really feels like spring this week, with balmy, sunny weather and crocuses popping up all over. You can see a faint reddish haze spreading over the bare branches of the trees as they begin to bud out. The snow is all gone, and the ground is mushy and wet. The sunshine feels WONDERFUL.

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Heather said...

YAY for a great ultrasound!!

I'm super excited about Spring getting here!