Wednesday, June 22, 2011


This is Car Samoil's castle overlooking the city of Ohrid. If you know me at all... I had a princess fetish since I was four years old and had a story book about Maid Maleen. In early elementary school I read every copy of Cinderella I could find. In high school my friends and I dressed up in medieval costumes and had a Tolkien club. In college, my friends and I dressed up in medieval costumes and called ourselves the Court of Logres.
Somehow, as my social conscience awoke more fully in my early 20s, I started to lose interest in this romanticized notion of medieval times and stories, but there's still a part of me that enjoys it (I have, after all, watched the extended Lord of the Rings DVD trilogy at least 7 times...) If nothing else, it's exciting to imagine what life was like when this castle was built, and to try to picture what the surrounding countryside might have looked like and what this edifice meant to the people who lived there. Old stuff is cool.


tara said...

wasn't a huge princess fan- wished I could be an elf or something- but LOVED the medieval thing too. The pics of the castles remind me the Historian though so as beautiful as they are, I keep thinking Dracula!? which was a disappointing read btw. If all vampires died that easily, Buffy would have been out of a job in 3 episodes.

E. Phantzi said...

Yes, I kept thinking of the Historian too, especially when we went to Sveti Naum - just all the Svetis everywhere - and at Sveti Naum there was sort of a broody feel around the river that is the source of water for the lake.

I've read the Historian 2x now and would like to read it again actually - but more for the romanticized sort of ersatz nostalgia in her depiction of academic life last century. It did seem kind of too easy to me too, how quickly they dusted Dracula in the book, but I suppose the hard part was just finding him? But yeah, like, where were all his minions???