Sunday, June 12, 2011

space holder

Some cute pics, sort of apropos of nothing.

We're leaving tomorrow morning for a family vacation at Lake Ohrid, Macedonia. It will be a new country for all four of us! I've been wanting to go there ever since I saw pictures a friend posted on Facebook about the time we were deciding where to go for Terry's sabbatical/leave.

So probably no new posts in the coming week but I'm sure lots of new pictures when we get back! I haven't even finished telling you about Vlora yet!

Well, I'll catch up someday - and if not, it's just blogging after all.

Have a great week everybody!


Rachel said...

Cute kiddos! Enjoy the trip.

tara said...

hope you're having a good vacation!

Anita said...

I can't believe those socks fit V. Look more like his size. Must be stretchy!