Thursday, March 08, 2012

Pooh Can Read!

Valerie is really and truly learning to read. At night when she's going to sleep, she'll often go through the alphabet with a litany of words she knows how to spell (although she says "write" she doesn't actually write the letters yet):

"You know how to write 'apple': A P P L E! You know how to write 'bee': B E E! You know how to write 'cat': C A T!" etc. all the way to Z O O and Z O O M.

(Sometimes she mixes it up and counts to 100. Perfectly.)

She understands how to substitute in different letters to change the word: "Take out T and put in P and it says 'cap'!"

She understands "put S at the end says 'caps'!"

And she can look at a page she's never seen before and sound out a new word - "You see the word says 'soon'!" (an example from this morning).

A couple days ago I thought of writing out sentences using words she knows mixed with new words and see how she did. She read this:

and she only needed help with "and." However, she also had some edits to suggest (note the sentences that are crossed out, with her suggested substitutions written sideways on the right).

She's having so much fun with it, and I'm hoping that continued practice will help her improve her oral use of articles and subordinating conjunctions (which, that, etc.) which she tends to drop (or else she'll over-correct and use "an" for everything).

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tara said...

very cool- looks like she has fun with this. soon you'll find her with a flashlight reading thru the night :)