Tuesday, August 21, 2012

And More Packing

I didn't think I was stressed, until I developed a headache last Tuesday that lasted four days. I thought it was lack of sleep, so made sure I got a super-long nap. Headache still there. I wondered if it was my glasses (I really need to get bifocals). But then Saturday and Sunday I took a holiday from even thinking about packing - and the headache vanished by midmorning Saturday. I even ended up giving myself the day "off" on Monday, and didn't start sorting through bins of toys until today, Tuesday (glad to say the headache has not come back so far).

In a way we're still far enough out that for the most part it's just normal daily life.

We had a great weekend, taking the kids to parks and mall playgrounds. We totally wore them out, it was awesome.

Right now it's all feeling doable. I have boxes of books and toys to ship to Colombia, boxes to ship to the US, and boxes to give away. I'm giving away stacks of books, and household items we bought here. I've started talking to Valerie about the new home we'll be going to in Colombia, so that's slowly starting to sink in. She hopes there is a balcony with plants on it (note to self: check on that...) There are dozens of tiny little decisions and in each case I hope I'm guessing right about what's most important to the kids. This morning Valerie asked for a toy that's currently in storage at Aunt Gin's - a giant colorful caterpillar that we call Mr. Peekaboo - at least I could tell her where it was, and it was understandable to her, and she is fine because she knows she will see it again soon.

Gabriel has been fussy and sensitive the past couple days. I'm not sure if it's an intestinal thing or that he senses a shift in the wind. He's been very clingy and wanting to nurse a lot.

It breaks my heart a tiny little bit every time he says something in Albanian. 

I guess we knew the risks when we came.


Anita said...

You knew the risks, but anticipating it and living it are two different things.
Are you sad about leaving? It seems that you liked living there and have lots of happy memories from there.

E. Phantzi said...

I am sad, mostly about leaving shpresa, but I'm also ready to move on to the next chapter :-)