Tuesday, August 28, 2012


I had so much fun with my balcony garden this summer. I don't know the name of that succulent at the top, but it has thrived in the heat. In addition to the flowers, I also had a planter with mint, rosemary, and basil - just brushing by it smells so good.
Tomorrow night Terry leaves for one more trip - three days in Lebanon. He gets back Saturday night. I'm planning to spend the morning doing some souvenir shopping and taking a gift to my Albanian teacher.
Friday I'd like the kids to go to the pool so I can dig into the packing some more. In the evening some friends are coming over for pizza, another farewell-ish event.

Saturday more packing, and an evening with friends.

Sunday I hope to zip the suitcases shut and weigh them.
Monday I hope to have a quiet day without much to do except whatever we feel like doing. Hopefully go out somewhere, maybe go pick up Terry from work.
And Tuesday we leave.


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Anita said...

Lovely flowers. You must have a green thumb. Hope it all goes smoothly for you in the next week. Can't wait to see you guys!