Friday, August 03, 2012

Things Kids Say

About a month ago, Gabriel started talking. ConstantlyWhat used to be a series of cute little grunts - so fitting that V calls him Piglet - are now words - and even sentences! Here are a few recent gems:

I was singing "Rock a Bye Baby" as I put him to bed, and he started chiming in along with me:
"Rock... baby... tree top... APPLES!"
(Me:) "Apples? Is the baby picking apples? Is the baby eating apples?"
"Baby eat apples tree top!"

The kids were pretending to spray water on me from the vacuum cleaner hose, so I played along - "Aaa! I'm getting all wet!" So Gabriel trots out of the room saying "Get! Mama! Towel! Get Mama towel!" I hear the little pitter-patter of his feet going down the hall to the bathroom. "Get Mama big towel!" Then a short silence. Then, "Get Mama liddow towel! Get Mama liddow towel!" as he comes back, dragging his own little yellow towel, which incidentally is soaking wet from mopping up some spill or other, leaving a long trail of damp across the tile floor. Oh my heart, so cute.

And always the joker:
Me: Say "I love you, Mama."
G: I lo-lo... DADA! [big laugh]
Me: No, I love you Mama!
G: I lo-lo you... VAL-VAL! [bigger laugh]
Me: No, I love you Mama!
G: I lo-lo... DOG! [biggest laugh, followed by tickle-fest]

They also invented this awesome game - mostly V but now G is really into it too.

First they crouch in the corner of G's room behind an open closet door. They are my baby mice and they are lost in the "cactuses." So I try to find them, and V coaches me if I get the words wrong: "Where are my baby mice? I miss them so much! Are they behind the curtain? Are they in the fan? Are they in the dollhouse? Where are they?" etc. Then they both start fake-crying (which is HILARIOUS). "Oh, there you are! I found you! I found you!" Then I have to put them both in the "submarine" (G's crib) "to get the itchies and ouchies off." Then I take them out and hang them on the clothesline by their ears (for pretend - I lay them on the bed actually). Rinse, repeat!


Anita said...

G's bday totally slipped my mind till afterwards, sorry. All of a sudden I realized he's 2! I know, that was over a month ago, sorry.

Anita said...

That's great that they enjoy each other. There's nothing like a sibling!